Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Honoring Tradition: Scrappy Dudes and Summiting Nudes

A tribute to scrappy dudes getting naked on summits

Dan Rothberg, David Fay, myself, Lone Peak, UT

The tradition's founder, Noah "Gotsteez" Gostout, atop Warbonnet, Cirque of the Towers, WY

Dan Rothberg, Lone Peak

 Dan, David, myself, Monster Tower, Canyonlands, UT

 Dan and David, Standing Rock, Canyonlands, UT.  Keep in mind the summit is about 20 ft square.
Note helmets and chalk bags for safety.

ritual slicing of the cantaloupe

all the necessary ingredients for a delightful summit picnic

An impromptu nude ascent of the final slab pitch of Argon Tower, Arches, UT

yarr!!! this climbing thing is driving me nuts!

Backcountry Nude ambassadors John Collis and David Fay, at work in the Bighorn Mountains, WY

strong work gentlemen.

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